Koh Chang

Named Elephant island and at 154.8km² the second largest in Thailand Koh Chang has everything to offer a visiting tourist. From zip lining in the tree tops, to massages on the beach you can easily fill your days with many activities. You will find here numerous Elephant camps that offer elephant riding along the streams and into the jungles. All amenities such as ATMs and 7/11s along the Western Side are within easy reach from every location. The Eastern coast has been left relatively undeveloped as the road has not been connected in the south, this allows relaxing trips to see the mango swamp, trekking in the untouched jungle and delicious traditional cuisine at the local fish restaurants. Koh Chang is the only island in the area that has its own beach dedicated to nightlife, this is in between two big hills so if you wish to party a taxi is always recommended and if not you will be left unawares if you simply don’t visit this area.

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