Ban Kwan Chang was one of the first elephants camps built to be on the island. This sanctuary is supported by the Asian Elephant Foundation, who work hard to care for the Asian elephant population that has been in rapid decline over the recent years. Set deep in the rain forest in Klong Son in the North West of the island it is well worth making the effort to visit and see the elephants in a natural camp, surrounded by fruit farms and jungle clad hillside. On your trek you will be guided to a platform where you can board the elephant onto a cushioned seat that is securely strapped onto the elephants back. During your ride your mahout (elephant keeper) will be either leading you on or sitting upon the neck of the elephant. Ask your mahout any questions and you will see the deep devotion and care they have for their elephant, being able to tell you things like their elephant’s weight, age, likes, favourite food and various personalities between the elephant’s and their social groups. As your trek through the jungle continues you will see how the elephants enjoy the access to food among the ample foliage along the pathways. At many points you may stop to take in the scenery and allow them to enjoy these treats. Any time during your trek you can ask your mahout for a photo, which he would be more than happy to take for you. If you choose the 2 hour trek on the second ride you can observe how the elephants bathe in the cool waters in the forest and even join them with cooling off!

Elephant Trekking (Koh Chang)

Elephant Trekking and swimming!
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per person
1 Hour, 2 Hours