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    About Aurora Koh Chang Travel

    Who is Aurora Koh Chang Travel?

    Aurora Koh Chang Travel is a family run Travel Agency / Destination Management Company (DMC) with over 12 years experience and over 10,000 people Transferred per year for their Tours and Travels. Customer service and direct point of contact are what make our service unique. We are here to bring you the best experiences throughout the East of Thailand, from the islands of Koh Chang, Koh Mak, Koh Kood, extending within the Trat and Chanthaburi region through to trips into Cambodia. Our partners are all long standing local businesses with outstanding reputations and all trips and transfers are inclusive of full cover insurance. Our promise to you is the continual commitment to this high-class service and improvement.


    Originally founded in 2005 Aurora Koh Chang Travel was known as Mega Travel until its takeover in 2016. Now run by German entrepreneur and 10 years experienced Thai Travel Operations Manager the company has already taken on expansion at a noticeable rate. Improvements have been set about to overhaul the old system and create a much more expanded data log in order for a clear company view in the future.

    • Number one Travel Clientele: Due to our availability of Thai, English and German speaking from the Mother tongue the majority of our clientele are European German and English speaking. Our clients seek  a variety of trips, either tailor made or pre-determined from low budget through to high end luxury. Ages and backgrounds of our clients are varied.
    • Unique Company Characteristics: Being a customer focused Travel Agency our level of customer service and care for every individual is far above the average Tour Operator you are usually familiar with. We offer you a welcome meeting with our local guide and have a direct contact with your personal customer service agent throughout your stay. In this way, you have the freedom to contact us directly for advice and offers on the local trips and tours as you desire.
    • Agent Collaborations: Aurora Koh Chang Travel receives 80% of all its incoming booking through our long-standing partners. The European Travel Firms we are partnered with include FTI Germany, FTI Austria, FTI Switzerland, Sonnenklar.TV, 5 vor Flug, Thomas Cook, Marco Polo, Diethelm TravelRoyal Silk Holidays and more. These strong relations have been developed and successfully maintained over years of reliable service and positive clientele experience and feedback. In addition every activity within our region of the Chanthaburi and Trat Province is sourced with local businesses. This means the service is personal and all queries can be resolved with a direct contact. It also allows you the comfort of knowing your trips are supporting the local families that have continued to work within this region.
    • Location: Aurora Koh Chang Travel is based in Koh Chang in the center of activities within the East of Thailand. Here with strong connections within this region, our booking agents commence here and extend far beyond and lay firmly rooted as a number one Travel and Tour Guide in the region. Being at such a well located base means that we are on hand and easily accessible to our most popular guides, tours and clientele visiting the area. We believe that maintaining flawless internal through to external connections with impressive accessibility is the key to success.
      Aurora Koh Chang Travel Office
    • Destinations of Travel: The destination areas covered by Aurora Koh Chang Travel are Chanthaburi, Trat, Koh Chang, Koh Mak and Koh Kood. In this region, we are providing tours, transfers, day trips, packages and tailor-made trips. Beyond this region, we are also arranging transfers to and from Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samet, and Cambodian Borders: Had Lek, Poi Pet and Pai Lin.
    • Why Our Products are highly sought after: All our products that you can access through our website Aurora Koh Chang Travel are set far apart from many tour operators. Every transfer, experience and trip is run by local people who have held a high standing relationship with the company owners throughout the last decade. Every service provider is distinguished and knowledgeable with a solid proven level of customer commitment and service delivery. On top of this Aurora Koh Chang Travel has the contact availability to receive feedback from every customer on a daily basis so we will only offer you the best Trips, Tours and Transfers that are available.

    Our Commitment to You

    We have positioned ourselves at the forefront of customer relations and we understand the importance of this commitment we have made. As a well-established business, we pride ourselves on our smooth operations. Every channel of communication through WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, telephone and email is available and actively encouraged to all our agents and clientele alike. In this way, we aim to make every booking effortless and provide the most exceptional service available. Our philosophy is of reliability and impeccable service ensured by ease of contact and honest guarantees. We maintain strong connections with only our most trusted local business partners, who share the same values and ethics on our services, as well as towards the local environment.

    It has been a pleasure to bring to you travel options from our Low Carbon Travel and Tourism within the region. We understand the importance of careful planning to ensure longevity, preservation and prosperity for our local region.

    Tours & Excursions

    All our Tours and Excursions are brought to you with fully covered insurance, efficient reliability and high ethical standards by local business people. Eco-Tourism and Low Carbon Travel are key focal points for our long-term project goals, and we are slowly introducing more Low Carbon Trips and Tours to you offer you within certain areas of our region. As a project in process we are excited to update you as our future expansion and collaborations take place with these, all our most recent news will always be displayed on our blog site homepage.

    • Feedback: Due to our personal point of contact for every customer we are pleased to receive a high level of constant feedback on all Trips, Excursions and Transfers. This high feedback rate means that we are always confident in the knowledge that every chosen operator is continuing to deliver a flawless experience to our clientele with their chosen activity. It also allows you to instantly investigate and resolve any cause for concern which is raised to us.
    • Standards: Our high standards are enforced with a strict code of conduct. You will find our operators always fitted with appropriate quality clothing and abstaining from smoking and use of bad language around their guests. Our Environmental policy is taken responsibly on a daily basis with serious consideration and implementation of this management.
    • Reliability: With our long-term commitment to maintaining our strong business relationships you will discover that with many of our operators we hold a close bond. Not only are these operators reliable and timely but they will often go above and beyond the customer expectations due their enthusiasm and kind hearted nature.
    • Variety: Not only do we offer you group tours and transfers for budget trips. We can also arrange luxury private tours and transfers to offer you the most comfortable way to enjoy your trip. When you are unsure what to do simply contact us for information about what’s available in your chosen destination. We can arrange a variety of experiences such as elephant trekking and swimming with the elephants at the only Asian Elephant Foundation approved camp on Koh Chang, diving and snorkeling across Koh Chang, Koh Kood and Koh Mak, fishing tours, ATV and trekking in the jungles for the adventurous, guided tours to discover the local areas, visits to the mangrove forests and local temples, cycling Low Carbon Trips, swimming with dolphins and learning local culinary cooking.


    We would like to offer our thanks and appreciation to all our local and over-seas Partner Companies for their continual commitment and excellent services. Without such exceptional ongoing support our services and commitments would not be possible to provide you with the first-class service you require.

    It is now with great excitement and joy we at Aurora Koh Chang Travel welcome you to trust your expectations, hopes and wishes into our hands to bring to you the unparalleled Trips, Transfers, Tours and Experiences you have been searching for.