Unknown Eastside of Koh Chang

On the way to the east side, your guide will show you the beautiful view from White Sand Beach. Here you will see stunning views of the city while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze. Enjoy a visit to a real family-owned rubber farm and experience how they make latex. You will then meet the ‘Godfather of Koh Chang’ at the Chinese temple. You will visit the Koh Chang Café, where your senses will be treated to the taste and aroma of genuine Island-grown fresh Coffee. You will continue further south to the fishing village of Salak Khok, where you will board traditional Thai boats or kayaks to explore the beautiful mangrove forests. From here, you head to our lunch in Salak Phet village. You will then visit the most beautiful Temple on the Island. You may also visit red bridge in mangrove forest. You will slowly make your way back to a beautiful beach bar at Klong Son village bay. Here you can take a deep breath, relax, swim, or drink before you are returned safely back to your hotel.